Everyday I’m imagining what life will be like balancing life with four children. It feels overwhelming to be honest. Life is crazy busy and keeping up now is hard enough before adding a newborn and even less sleep. I was encouraged by mom, Tiffany Davidson, who was featured in this post:



 “I realized I can’t cook dinner and try to clean at the same time. I have to pick one or the other. The toys on the ground aren’t going to ruin anything — he’s having a good time, and dinner’s getting made. It’s fine.”

In the age of social media oversharing and Instagram highlight reels, it can be easy to think there’s a certain standard to meet when it comes to raising your kids. But IRL, we’re the only ones who know what works best for ourselves and our families. 

I get that balancing life with four children isn’t going to be easy. It will be a ton of work and exhausting. I think it’s a good reminder to remember you have to let some things go and do what works best for your family without comparing, especially to what is presented on social media.

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