The core of Breakdancing for children involves lots of things like: The ability to speak in front of others, being able to do cool stunts and tricks, you can even become stronger than you currently were. My son has been able to get the attention very easily, for e we were was once at a wedding and he started breaking people started to form a circle around him and clapping out the beat with him in the middle!


Breakdancing (also known as ┬áb-boying and b-girling which means boy or girl who dances on breakbeats) became popular in the ’70s. many moves came from gymnastics and kung-fu.

Types of freezes

  1. Baby Freeze
  2. Stab Freeze
  3. Frog Freeze

Types of Moves

  1. The Six Step
  2. The Twelve Step
  3. Top Rock

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