For awhile I thought there was no way I was going to be able to homeschool our kids. How could I possibly teach them everything they need to know to succeed in higher education and a future career? One of the keys to overcoming this was just taking it one step at a time. Another key was to choose a good curriculum. Classical Conversations has provided the backbone of that curriculum. While it’s not perfect, Classical Conversations has provided a great foundation for our kids.

3 Year Rotation

One of the great things about Classical Conversations is the 3 year rotation. Each year is focused on one of these: ancient history, middle ages, or modern history.

This rotation provides a great basis for focus as our kids go through the curriculum with the other kids in their Classical Conversations group.


Right now our kids are still in foundations. This provides the basis for the future of their classical education.

They are also learning Latin. Our group is memorizing John 1:1-14 in Latin.

This is also a great place to give a shout out to our amazing Classical Conversations coordinator, Jessica Ong.

We have heard of bad experiences in other Classical Conversations groups… we’ve had none of that, and most if not all of the reason that we haven’t had to deal with any of that is because Jessica has been such a great leader.

Having Other Kids to Play With

This may seem obvious, but aside from the amazing curriculum that it provides, another huge benefit is the friendships that our kids have developed in their CC group.

Again, while no person on this earth and no organization is perfect, having community and friendships is an essential part of our kids’ development. And the community in our CC group has provided that in a great way for our kids.