Embracing my changing body. Thats something I’m slowly learning to do these days. Currently, I’m 27 weeks along with our 4th baby.  It was the worst first trimester I’ve had with morning sickness and the back aches and pains set in much earlier. My doctor said, “Welcome to your fourth.” But the hardest part this time has been the weight gain faster than before.  This was a good article to remind me to embrace my changing body and it’s creating another miracle inside of me: 


Because I didn’t want to feel negative feelings about anything associated with creating my baby. I wanted the process to be filled with love and joy as much as possible. Maybe that sounds naive, but it was how I had always pictured and hoped the experience would be.
And then I got pregnant. And, yes, obviously, started to gain weight. And you know what?
It hasn’t bothered me even the teeniest, tiniest bit.

I’m not delusional—I know that I’ve gained weight over the last seven months. It’s just that I couldn’t care less. Yes, I know it’s weight for the baby (even though the little miss is only 2-ish pounds, the rest is all fluid and uterus and that whole extra organ your body grows to feed your baby, the placenta), so maybe that contributes to my not freaking out about it.
But beyond not caring about the extra pounds, I feel so much more loving toward my body than I ever thought I would. It’s like I’ve found an old friend after years of (at times) abusive silence.

The most surprising thing about this process, for me, is how much awe it has filled me with. For women and their amazing bodies. For the God who created them in his incredible wisdom.

Embracing my changing body hasn’t been easy for me, but I’m inspired by the author of this article and her perspective towards weight gain.

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