For me, the social-distancing we are going through in some ways isn’t a huge change. My husband and I both already work full-time from home and we homeschool our kids. We do have a full calendar when it comes to social activities, but honestly sometimes it’s nice to have a break. Since many people are going to be home much more than they are used to, here are some Things to do with Kids when Stuck at Home.

While we believe that limiting screen time is very important for children, it can be used in a way that is productive (still limited).  As part of our children’s homeschool, we use to learn how to type.  It’s is completely free and also comes with games.  So if you are looking for alternatives to your child sitting in front of the TV, at least using the computer for learning is better.

Another great option for kids is learning to code. You can use free online sources such as Scratch.

I have used these nature journals here and here. My kids absolutely love them.  They will go outside for a good hour or two and work on them together.

Our children love music. Sometimes they will make up there own little song together. they will normally play piano.